A revolution for eyeglasses prescription on the last mile.

A Unique Social Initiative

More than 65% of India lives in rural areas. Men, women and children do not have access to primary healthcare and even more primary eyecare. Under such circumstances, villagers have to travel long distances and endure hardships to access basic eye care.

Nayantara skills local rural youth by training them in basics of eyecare and screening methodology. We call them Visioneers. Using a cloud based technology platform and associated technologies, these local rural youth, organized in small teams, are able to deliver expert supervised eye screening and refraction testing in their neighbourhoods, villages and towns. At the end of the test, they provide with affordable glasses to those needing them. For those needing advanced eyecare are then guided to partner eye care institutions and Ophthalmologists using the envoy referral service.

The entire information is available on the cloud. Using the information, individual visioneers/customers/cases can be monitored for quality and analysis.

With more than 17000 people served in the last mile with just 5 NETRA, Nayantara is a very rare and successful social innovation which is scalable and sustainable on itself.

Empowering The Youth

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HHH - Head Held High

To give everyone access to the vision correction they need to see the world.

RubanBridge, an initiative of Head Held High Services is the last mile services platform for Rural-Urban (Ruban) India. We understand needs of the Ruban consumer intimately; and curate the right product & services from reliable Partners. We then construct the full stack of Sales, Distribution, Support services to ensure the right customer experience. We deliver these experiences by training and transforming local youth into knowledge-economy professionals. Our focus is on orchestrating the entire experience through a robust, scalable multi-service tech platform that brings together products, people and partners together.