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Full kit includes a portable auto refractor, auto-lensometer, phoropter, and phone.

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Sign up to our on-line EMR, build a practice page, setup your schedule, and start receiving patients.

3. Refract Anywhere

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Register your team and expand your practice with optical shop, workplace, school or at-home testing.

Our Technology

eyenetra travel case


NETRA refracts with a precision of 0.35D. It's the only portable AR with built-in accommodation control.

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eyenetra travel case


Neutralize single vision, bi-focals and progressive lenses in seconds with the precision of 0.08D.

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eyenetra travel case

Handheld Phoropter

Refining refractions for distance or near vision has never been so simple.

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One Portal to Manage Everything

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Some of our Happy Customers

Global corporations, independent practices and mobile clinics worldwide


Comprehensive vision exams at companies

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Refractive exams on demand

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Vision tracking tool for patients

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Comprehensive vision exams at homes

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Queens Care

Bringing healthcare to the community

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Vision exams on demand

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Glasses USA

Screenings & glasses anywhere

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Syn Optiek

Mobile optical shop

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Optica Eye Vision

Workplace eye exams and glasses

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Eyes For the World

Eyeglasses to those in need (Belgium)

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Optica Pronto Vision

Mobile vision exams (Chile)

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Eyes On The Job

Workplace vision testing

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High quality eye care services

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Eyeglasses franchise

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Optometry Mission trips

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