Self-test refraction tool powered by a smartphone.

Netra Autorefractor

Refraction Mobilized

Using a series of simple game-like interactions in a Virtual Reality headset, NETRA enables anyone anywhere to collect refractive measurements in terms of sphere, cylinder, axis of astigmatism and pupillary distance.

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Accuracy of 0.35D

NETRA is as accurate as top-tier auto refractors that can cost $45,000. It took 340 product iterations and 35,000 product tests to ensure this level of precision and control accommodation.

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NETRA lets you take the reins no matter where you are, from a hospital in the urban jungle to a tent in the Amazon. It comes with an extended battery for 2 days of tests without charging.



The smartphone becomes a gateway for information between eye care providers and customers. On the Insight portal, patients and eye care providers navigate health information and converge to the best prescription.

Zero Maintenance
Zero Maintenance

Zero maintenance

Netra can drop from a maximum height of 1 meter without breaking or losing accuracy. Calibration happens automatically at every measurement. After two years selling the product, we have yet to see a broken NETRA.

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Technical Specifications


NETRA Refraction (Pat. Issued)

Accommodation Control

Fogging (Pat. Issued)

Light Source

Smartphone Display (No Lasers)

Measuring Wavelengths

~550nm and ~650nm Simultaneously

Sphere Range

-12 to +5.5D, 0.25D increment

Cylindrical Range

0 to -7D, 0.25D increment

Axial Range

0 to 180, 1 degree increment

Interpupillary Distance Range

52 to 72mm, 0.5mm increment

Device Dimensions

8.5cm x 20cm x 20cm (436g)

Intended Patient Population

13 to 65 years old

External Processing Unit

Samsung S4

Dilation Required


Cycloplegic Requirements


Calibration Requirements


Office Illumination Requirements

None (Optically Sealed)

Specialized Furniture Requirements

None (Handheld)

FDA Status

NETRA (v1.01) is a Class 1 device exempt from premarket notification (510(k)


15°C to 40°C, in rel. humidity of 95% non-condensing


-20°C to 90°C, in rel. humidity of 95% non-condensing

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