Visual acuity testing has never been easier.


Acuity Simplified

The Netropter integrates a full-range of sphere, cylinder and axis values to validate and refine refractive measurements for distance and reading. It also includes a pupillary distance adjustment, lock and occluders for monocular testing.

The Netropter was designed to be held by the patient. There is no need for chairs or stands. The patient holds the unit in place while the eye care provider refines the results. Running monocular and binocular visual acuity tests for distance and reading glasses has never been so simple.

What range does it have?

  • Sphere

    +5D to -10.75D on steps of 0.25
  • Cylinder and Axis

    0D to -6D on steps of 0.25
  • Pupilary Distance

    52 to 72mm


Featured Benefits

Accuracy icon

Highest level of accuracy

The lenses are molded and polished with high-precision tools to achieve their respective powers. The handheld design avoids the side effects from older phoropters such as wrong eye positioning

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Test from anywhere icon
Test from anywhere icon


Netropter lets you take the reins no matter where you are, from a hospital in the urban jungle to a tent in the Amazon. There is no need for specialized furniture and extensive training.

Ease of Use icon

User friendly to the extreme

The Netropter was designed to be used in the patient's hand instead of on a supporting structure. It is light-weight and allows the patient to navigate their own vision to check their new eyesight.

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Affordability icon
Affordability icon

Most affordable phoropter yet

Due to its groundbreaking design, the Netropter is more cost effective than similar devices without decreasing quality.

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Technical Specifications


Trial Lens Stack (25 lenses per eye)

Sphere Range

-10.75 to +5.0D, 0.25D increment

Cylindrical Range

0 to -6D, 0.25D increment

Axial Range

0° to 180°, 1 degree increment

Pupillary Distance Range

52 to 72mm, 1mm increment

Visual Field

~20° Degrees (14mm aperture)

Acuity Measurements

Binocular and Monocular

Vision Test Type

Distance and Readers

Device Dimensions

5.0cm x 7cm x 10cm (less than 500g)

External Processing Unit


Setup Time

30 seconds

Calibration Requirements


Power Requirements

None (Manual Setup of Lenses)

Specialized Furniture Requirements

None (Handheld)

fda status

Class I, exempt from 510(k) pre-market submission requirements


Temperature: -15°C to 93°C

Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing


Temperature: -15°C to 93°C

Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing