Lensometry doesn’t have to be cumbersome.


Lensometry Redefined

The handheld smartphone-based Netrometer captures the refraction of single vision, progressive and bifocal lenses in seconds. With the precision of 0.08D, the Netrometer is as accurate as top-tier lens meters. No alignment issues, tilting or mishandling inaccuracies. Just open the app, place it into the device, and take measurements.

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What Does It Measure?

  • Single Vision Glasses

  • Bi-focal Glasses

  • Progressive Lenses

  • Reading Glasses

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Featured Benefits

Accuracy icon

Highest level of accuracy

With precision of 0.08D, the Netrometer is just as accurate as top-tier lensmeters that cost up to $10,000. And, since it is connected, the algorithm keeps improving its accuracy with its use.

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Affordability icon
Affordability icon

The most affordable auto-lensmeter

Exploiting existing smartphones, the Netrometer is one of the lowest cost lensmeters with capacities for single vision and multi-focals.

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User friendly to the extreme

No alignment issues, No tilting and mishandling inaccuracies. No need for specialized furniture and minimum need for training. Just install the app, connect into the device and take the measurements.

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Test from anywhere icon
Test from anywhere icon


Netrometer lets you take the reins no matter where you are, from a hospital in the urban jungle to a tent in the Amazon. It comes with an extended battery to support 2 days of testing without charge.



The smartphone becomes a gateway for information exchange. On our Insight portal, patients and eye care providers can navigate their health information and converge to the best plan of action.

Zero Maintenance
Zero Maintenance

Zero maintenance

Netrometer supports a drop of up to 1 meter without breaking or losing accuracy. Calibration happens automatically at every measurement. After two years selling the product, we have yet to see a broken Netrometer.

Set up a service area outfitted with EyeNetra products to spot-check
Here's an idea

Set up a service area outfitted with EyeNetra products. Your associates will be able to double-check prescriptions and older lenses to guarantee customer satisfaction before ordering glasses.

Technical Specifications


Deflectometry (Pat. Pending)


Smartphone Back-facing Camera

Light Source

Smartphone (No Lasers)

Measuring Wavelengths

~400nm to ~750nm (Broadband)

Sphere Range

-13 to +7.0D, 0.25D increment

Cylindrical Range

0 to -7D, 0.25D increment

Axial Range

0 to 180, 1 degree increment

Lens Type

Single Vision and Progressive Lenses, Distance and Readers

Device Dimensions

7.5cm x 11cm x 21cm (500g)

External Processing Unit

Samsung S4

Measurement Time

3 seconds

Scratch, Dust and Coating


Calibration Requirements


Office Illumination Requirements

None (Optically Sealed)

Specialized Furniture Requirements

None (Handheld)

FDA Status

Product Listed as Class 1 exempt

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