eyenetra travel case

traveling case

This semi-rigid case stores your Netra, Netrometer, Netropter, Smartphone, Printer, and Accessories. Lightweight and portable (smaller than your carry-on luggage), it’s designed for ergonomic comfort and long-lasting durability. The case is shock absorbent and water resistant. Ideal for mission trips and out-of-office testing situations.

eyenetra travel case

Extra Phone

This is a regular Samsung S4 installed and calibrated for Netrometer and Netra applications. This product is offered for customers that purchased bundles and need a second smartphone to take measurements in parallel. It includes the phone, charging adaptor and cable.

eyenetra travel case

Thermal Printer

Pair this portable, wireless printer with your smartphone to print your Netra and Netrometer results anywhere, anytime. The printer has an integrated rechargeable battery that lasts for days. The connection happens automatically via bluetooth. No setup, wires, or headaches.

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EyeNetra's product suite is accurate, affordable, portable, and rugged … ideal for an ECP looking to reach more patients outside of the office.