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Vision Monday

2020 - Preparing for a Retail Reset

Invision Magazine

2019 - Teleoptometry Tools Redefining the Meaning of ‘Phoning it In’

Vision Monday

2019 - Remote Possibilities

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2019 - A smart solution to vision problems


2018 - See What Lack of Vision Care Looks Like

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2018 - Pandhurli PHC first in state to get telemedicine system

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2017 - Remote Refraction Rumpus

medical futurist

2017 - The Future of Vision and Eye Care

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2017 - EyeNetra's Ramesh Raskar receives Computer Graphics Award

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2016 - Smartphone technology from the US is launched in the UK

2016 - Innovating for billions

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2016 - Eye on the smartphone

2016 - EyeNetra opens sales of its smartphone-based tools to ECPs

2016 - At MIT's future factory, no idea is too far out

2016 - Setor de saúde no Brasil caiu no gosto dos investidores

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2015 - Honey: We shrunk the optometrist's office

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2015 - Measurements on the move

2015 - How ODs fit into the future of online refraction

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2015 - Forbes: EyeNetra Wants To Create Prescription Virtual Reality Screens

2015 - Smarter lenses

2015 - Democratizing Healthcare Through Technology

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2015 - EyeNetra launches in-person, optometry house visits in NYC

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2015 - Blink, Offering Vision Tests On-Demand, Launches In New York

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2015 - RubanBridge: HHH to focus on connectivity in middle India

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2014 - A Smartphone Eye Exam Service Launches in New York

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2014 - The changing landscape of Refraction

2014 - EyeNetra raises $4M for eye diagnostic smartphone peripheral

2013 - How mHealth Can Bring Cheaper Health Care To All

2013 - EyeNetra raises $4M for eye diagnostic smartphone peripheral

2012 - Where Eye Care Is A Luxury, Technology Offers Access

2012 - EyeNetra scoops up $1M for mobile eye exams

2012 - Biohacking Healthcare

2012 - The Winners Of Morgenthaler’s Health Tech Startup Showcase

2011 - MIT Researchers Develop Ultra-Cheap, Smartphone-Based Eye Exam Tool

2011 - New Smartphone Tool Assists Diagnosis Of Cataracts

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2010 - CNN, THE BIG I: NETRA Cheap, Portable Eye Exam System

2010 - Smart vision for mobile phones in the developing world.

2010 - PerfectSight (Netra v1) uses cell phone to screen eyeglass prescriptions

2010 - Cell Phones to Eye Doctors