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Customer: Lapaire Glasses

Mobile eye exams in Kenya

Customer: iCycle EyeWear

Eyewear made from recyclables

Dr Yemisi Ajibade from Nigeria

"Kids don't like the old refractometer, they like the new one"

Dr. Walley from the Collierville Vision Center

Dr. Walley is getting ready for mobile clinics!

Reviewing the Mobile Clinic Kit (Spanish)

Unboxing EyeNetra en español

Guide to Auto-Refraction (Spanish)

Guia del autorefractometro en español

Mississippi optometrist is a believer

Meet Hayley Boling from Indiana

Netra (Portuguese)

Device Basics

Lensometer (Portuguese)

Device Basics

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Independent Reviews

The Optician Magazine

A smartphone adpatation to take lens measurements wherever you are.

Optométriste (French)

Refractive examination at home or using a smartphone!