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EyeNetra and Vision Spring helping Restore Sight Africa!

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Trailblazer Spotlight Podcast

Dr. Clay Searl and the NETRA test at 30,000ft

Dr. Searl is a pilot and optometrist. He ran the first eye exam on a plane!

Tom Kent from the LOTS Vision

LOTS Vision performs several vision screenings and exams in Houston, TX.

Global Re-Vision Network in Mexico

Get to know our oldest customer, Bob Martin, and the NGO changing Mexico's eyecare landscape

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How modular design is redefining medicine

Sony Ericson

Capturing the Networked Society - Case 11 EyeNetra

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onsight brand


Vision care that your employees will love.

OnSight brings optometrists and opticians to your workplace, sets up an exam room almost anywhere (open space, break room, conference room), schedules employees ahead of time, performs comprehensive eye exams, writes prescriptions, offers eyeglasses and contact lenses for purchase, and handles reimbursements.

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Nayantara: Sight to remote India

With more than 17,000 people served in the last mile, Nayantara is a very rare and successful social innovation which is scalable and sustainable on itself.

In rural India, Nayantara trains local youths in the basics of eyecare and vision screenings. Using EyeNetra's cloud-based platform and refraction technology, experts supervise these youths to perform vision screenings in their own neighborhoods and towns. At the end of the session, affordable glasses are given to those in need. Those who require advanced services are referred to partner eye care institutions and Ophthalmologists.

More than 65% of India live in rural areas and do not have easy access to healthcare. Many villagers travel long distances and endure hardships to receive basic eye care. Nayantara's self-sustaining model represents a breakthrough in vision care for those areas.

Blink: Vision Testing Delivered

While on-demand services are proliferating, eye exams and eyewear have been stuck inside the storefront model, largely because of the size, heft, and expense of the tools required to test someone’s vision.

Blink works like any other on-demand service: You book the appointment and then a professional meets you at your home or company to deliver the service. If for any reason, the optometrist suspects there’s a more serious health concern, he or she will recommend a local optometrist with whom the client can get a more in-depth eye examination. The on-demand vision testing service is rolled out today to seven regions in New York City: the Upper East Side, East Village, Gramercy, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg.

EyeQue: Your Vision Tracking tool

Need an auto-refractor with your customer at all times? Try the EyeQue.

EyeQue has licensed our first model out of the MIT Media Lab. The device is monocular, takes significantly more time per exam (~30 mins) and the training curve is steep to capture reliable results. However, many users find useful to keep tracking their refraction over time. When used correctly, the patient has the tools to understand his/her own vision limitations and look for the appropriate care when needed.